Rev. Milo Spooner Craig

Rev. Milo Spooner Craig

I originally came to Central in Sept. 2016 in what is known as a “gap” appointment. The intent is to simply fill the gap until other decisions are made.
The end of the contract year brought a new scenario to Central’s ministry. Rev. Doug Craig and myself covenanted with the congregation and the Presbytery to serve Central in a formal capacity. We served in this Team Ministry capacity for three years. This agreement changed again at the end of June 2020.
Rev. Doug now serves Central and Souris United churches and I remain in my 25hr a week position. We both preach, we both provide funerals, but I am now the person to preside over communion, baptism, weddings for Central, as Rev. Doug has become that person for St. Paul’s, Souris. We are no longer working as a Team. We now function in our own positions only, with no over-lap. I do not do his job and he doesn’t do mine.
You will likely not see us together, at the Communion table or Christmas Eve or during regular Sunday Worship. We will miss this and likely so will you.
We are the ever-changing church and we must be attuned to the needs that are before us.
I continue to offer support and guidance where I am able, as we move through changing times.
I remain in your service,
Rev. Milo

Rev. Doug Craig

After some intermittent pulpit supply, throughout the years, I joined Central United as part time staff, 30 hours a week in the areas of Pastoral Care and Preaching. I have enjoyed working with fellow staff members, Worship leadership staff and Rev. Milo.
Financial constrains have changed by work time from 30hrs, to 25hrs and now to 20hrs.
Sept 1, 2020 I enter into a newer agreement. I will be sharing my time between Central United and St. Paul’s in Souris. I will work 20hrs a week for each, for a total of 40 hrs a week.
Both churches have worked out a memorandum of agreement on how this new working agreement will play out.
As far as Central is concerned, I will continue to work on the Pastoral Care component of the ministry, funerals, care home services, as well as preaching.
I will preach at Central, the 1st and the 4th Sunday of the month. I will be available for Central work on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-4, and some Saturdays.
I will miss sharing Worship with Rev. Milo and special occasion services but we live in an ever changing world and this is just one of many changes.
I remain in your service,

Rev. Doug Craig

Mary Chambers

Mary Chambers (Neets) was born south of Brandon, moved with her Macleods’ family to Foam Lake, SK where she started school, then on to McCreary, MB and on to Brandon where she completed her schooling at Vincent Massey Collegiate. It seemed as though Macleods was in her blood as she worked there after school and on weekends until graduation, when she went to work in the Bank of Nova Scotia. After marriage and moving to a farming life and raising 4 children, she went to work as an Educational Assistant at Minto School. She has just retired after 24 years.
Mary started her career as organist in Boissevain at St. Paul’s United Church and after 19 years there, relocated to Elgin and Souris charge. Then the opportunity arose to be organist at Central United and she accepted the position with eagerness, an opportunity to play a ‘Casavant’. I enjoy my association with colleagues and the family of Central United and hope to continue to appease or meet the approval of the congregation and staff.

Kenneth Jackson

Kenneth is a educational assistant at Crocus Plains High school. He has sung for many years.
He also has enjoyed participating and performing in many local musical theatre productions.
Here and in Brandon and in Winnipeg at Rainbow Stage and the Winnipeg fringe festival.
Kenneth is a graduate of Brandon university, he grew up in Minto, Manitoba.

Murray Spratt – Caretaker

I have been at Central for so long, I can’t remember.
Perhaps I started in 1997?

Obviously, my job is to keep the place looking clean and tidy but
what I really love is the interaction with people.

Central is not just my place of work, it is also my church family.
My wife Lawana and daughter Kiara worship here as well.