Planned Giving

Planned Giving, very simply is planning to make a gift. Planned gifts are generally funded from accumulated resources of assets, rather than income. For more information, please contact the church office.

The most common Planned Gift received by the church is a bequest. The tax benefit from a bequest accrues to the donor’s estate. The Gift Planning Office can also arrange several gifts which allow you to make a gift from in the future but receive the tax benefits now. Your Planned Gift can be designated to Central United Church to be used in a variety of areas: —Enduring Gift Fund(an investment used to support the working of the local church) —Building Fund (set up to help with major expenses in maintaining our church building, such as repairing the brickwork, eavestrough, air conditioners, putting in a humidifier, major repairs to the pipe organ, etc.) —Stained Glass Fund —Memorial Fund(as outlined in our constitution) —Finley Fund(as outlined in our constitution) — Music Scholarship (to help a member of our church in furthering their music studies).

You can also designate your Planned Gift to any aspect of The United Church of Canada-the Mission and Service Fund, a local mission unit, a United Church camp, a theological college, The United Church of Canada Archives, The United Church of Canada Foundation *—the possibilities are abundant and rich with the excitement of giving!
Wills and Bequests
Your Gift Planners can help you find the language you need in your will to ensure that your bequest goes exactly where you intended it.

Gifts of Publicly Listed Securities
Gifts of Listed Securities can be made at a relatively low cost. The taxable capital gain arising on a transfer of publicly listed securities to the church is now 0%

Gift of Life Insurance

You can donate an existing life insurance policy to the church or purchase a new policy through your insurance agent. The church must be the owner and beneficiary for you to receive tax creditable premiums. Charitable Remainder Trusts You can create a Charitable Remainder Trust which will pay you an annual taxable income. A tax receipt is issued for a significant portion of the Trust principal. The Trust principal in full flows to the church work of your choice upon your death. Gifts of Residual Interest You can make a gift of real property to the church: real estate, antiquities, art works, etc., and continue to use the property. A tax receipt is issued for a portion of the value of the real property. Cash Gifts and Interest-Free Loans Cash gifts can be arranged to deliver optimum tax benefit. An interest-free loan can give the church income from capital which is not taxable to either the church or to you, the donor.

Gift Annuities

A gift annuity returns a competitive rate of income to you, most or all of which is tax-free, and a residue which goes to the church work of your choice.

Gifts of Stripped Bonds
A gift of a Stripped Bond is a gift that grows over time. You put an amount in place now which will grow into a much larger gift.

Gift Planning Resources
For more information, call the Gift Planning Office at 1-800-465-3771, or see our directory of regional Gift Planners for the planner in your area.