Return to In-Person Worship
Your Worship Committee and Leadership Team are working to create a safe plan for Central folk to return to the sanctuary for Worship. Many of the protocols are set for us. We are doing our best to adhere to them.
We are proposing a return to Worship for Sunday Oct. 25. at 9:30a.m.
It will be great to gather together for Worship, however if this is not the right timing for you, please keep us in your prayers.
Our services will be live-streamed as in the past, seen on WCGTV and YouTube. You will however, no longer receive the service in your email at 9:30 Sunday morning, as this is when the service will be occurring live.
Some precautions to consider; when you will be saying hello, meeting and greeting and leaving one another, please keep a mask on. Any face to face conversations, without social distancing will require mask use.
Please do not arrive any sooner than 9:15. You will be asked by the greeter for your name and phone number, this is for tracing purposes, in case we need to contact you.
Please keep your jackets with you. You will be required to move directly into the Worship space without lingering in the Narthex. Move forward into the sanctuary. Find a seat. Please do not expect to sit in your “normal” place. We will have pews marked off for spacing. We also will not take up the entire space just because of the cleaning factor.
On the way in, there will be Offering plates. Please put your offering in at this time, as the plates will not be passed.
It is not possible to hand out seat cushions, so if you need a cushion please bring your own with you.
Once we are in the sanctuary, with Worship beginning, the doors will be closed. If necessary, please use the single person washroom in the Baby fold.
Ken Jackson will be the lead singer and the rest of us may hum along.
We will exit through the Chapel doors. Ushers will facilitate this movement.
The outside space will be roped off to keep us separate from the Cities folk who will be coming in. The wheel chair ramp will be available for those with walkers.
We have 15 minutes to exit the building, prior to Cities crew coming in to wipe down and prepare their Worship space. We are to be totally gone by 10:45a.m.
Please ensure your rides are aware of our end time 10:30-10:35.
Do enjoy time some together after the service.
We look forward to having you back!

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We are located in Brandon Manitoba and are situated in the downtown area of the city. The doors are open to anyone wanting to meet their spiritual needs. Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome. Living by our motto “A church with a heart in the heart of the city”.
We have an audience of 724 households, and our sanctuary accommodates approximately 850, with our auditorium seating about 250. Central United was established in 1969 with the union of St. Paul’s United, Kemnay United, and First Church United. The Gospel has been proclaimed at the present location since 1881.

“A church with a heart, in the heart of the city.”

This is our motto. We are a welcoming and inclusive Christian community who come together to worship, reach out, and respond to God and God’s world.

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